The First One

So, here goes.

I am not really sure how one begins a blog. But here I am.

I’m 41 and I live in Minnesota. I live in my fourth (and I hope final) fixer upper in an urban neighborhood nestled along the Mississippi River. I work a full-time job that most of the time I enjoy.  I suppose I could list some hobbies here but really those have kind of fallen by wayside the past few years. That’s okay. I’m sure I’ll pick them up again when my kids are a little older.

I am married to JJ. We live with Lucy – an aging Golden Retriever/Mix and our two children.  

Sassy Lassy is 6.5 going on 13. She is in first grade and is a ball of energy and ideas. She wakes up every morning asking “what are we going to do today?” within minutes of opening her eyes and she doesn’t even drink coffee yet.

Mr. Mister is not-quite two and is busy asking about everything he encounters and sharing his ability to string words together and actually make sentances. And repeating himself.  He’s obsessed with all things transportation and can tell knock-knock jokes that HE thinks are hilarious. Did I mention he also likes to repeat himself?

I’ve written stuff that other people have read before. In fact, I once made a living doing it. Yes, I was a writer for a daily newspaper. A cub reporter, as my Dad used to call me.

There was a lot I enjoyed about that. But I always felt like I wanted to write about something more than just the news of the day. It’s taken me nearly 20 years to figure out what that “something” might be. People tell you to write about things you know; that you are passionate about. Parenting my two kids definitely falls into that category. Big deal. Right? There are lots of mommybloggers already out there. Is my life that much more interesting or are my kids any more amazing/cute/funny/talented than anyone elses? Well, perhaps I think so … but probably not.  

Ironically, it is the experience of not raising a child that is one of the biggest motivators on my parenting. I’ve found that the whole “give the baby up for adoption and get on with your life”  guidance I was given as a pregnant teenager really only works up to a certain point. 

Whilygigs is where it all spins together.


About jpshuster

Working mother of two living in Minnesota.
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