Mr. Mister’s Golden Birthday

Today is Mr. Mister’s Golden Birthday.

As I think back to Mr. Mister’s actual birth day it is somewhat remarkable in how just unremarkable it was. But the fact that I had him at all was what IS remarkable.

After having a miscarriage JJ and I were told  it was “unlikely” that I would have another child due to a combination of factors. It was blow and I spent some time grieving but I’d really gotten to a place where I accepted that we’d go on as a family of 3. Sassy Lassy had finally stopped asking for a sibling. I’d given all of my baby stuff away. Heck, my first thought after having sex on the morning we’d conceived was “Wow. That’s what sex is going to be like now that we are not trying to make a baby.”

And then a month later  I found out I was pregnant.

I was delighted and terrified the minute I saw that little plus sign! I was afraid to be excited in case it resulted in another miscarriage and so I remained a little detached in the beginning.  And then I was impatient. All those months of waiting to meet the little person who would be joining our family? It was an eternity.

But on the morning of February 2nd had finally arrived. JJ and I drove Sassy Lassy to pre-school and then up the River Road along the Mississippi River  to the hospital. Just like many other commuters on that day we had an important meeting to get to that day; our scheduled c-section.

Everything went as planned. JJ came in to the operating room with me. And we both got to hear Mr. Mister’s lusty cries the minute he was lifted out of my belly. He was born with a whole head of black hair, a pink bow for a mouth and a very wise smile.

I’d never wanted to have a baby in the winter. My brother was born in January and my mom suffered from ppd. Yet, Mr. Mister arrived when he was spposed to. And he has brought a warmth and a presence that would melt anyone’s heart.

This year has been a year of such big changes! Mr. Mister became mobile and is talking up a storm. And he feels like a real part of the family. 

He has never been a child who asks “what” or “why” or “where” and yet he delights in giving us detailed explanations and in figuring things out. He loves helping. He loves fixing. He loves telling us stories. And his ability to hold up his end of a conversation is delightful.

We read books and books and more books. He loves all things mechanical or transportation related. And he is definitely a “watch before you leap” kind of a kid. And his big eyes with the long lashes have most definitely settled into a beautiful shade of brown just like his dad’s. 

I am sure that strength and determination are bound to be recurring themes in this next year and as frustrating as that can be sometimes I do love it that he doesn’t let his big sister rule the roost.


About jpshuster

Working mother of two living in Minnesota.
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