Epic Fail.

Mr. Mister has been sporting low-grade fevers that never manifest into any real sickness several times this winter. Could be his 2-year molars. Could be  his body fighting off something more serious. Could be it will morph into something worse. But, knock-on-wood, besides these fevers he’s actually been pretty healthy.

It’s tricky because I don’t feel like I treat his fevers well. I give him cool baths and cuddle him. But giving him acetaminophen or ibuprofen usually reduces his fever and amps up his energy level to an unbelievable level. The dye-free stuff IS better but still he is like a superball bouncing off the walls no matter how sick he is when he takes this stuff.  So, giving him a fever reducer is particularly tricky at night because while I want him to be comfortable and rest, I know if I give him anything that he will be awake all night long.

Such was the case last night. He went down about 8:30 and then was up about 1 a.m. We cuddled for a good couple of hours but by 3:30 my patience was wearing thin at his repeated requests to go downstairs. In desperation, I turned on the small television in my bedroom. Hoping I could find something on that would interest him while I dozed next to him since I had to get up and work today.

We did find a kid-appropriate show about a turtle named “Franklin.” But the brightly colored animals and the apparently riveting story line did nothing to soothe and lull Mr. Mister and give me a chance to catch some zzzzz’s. Instead, he kept point at the tv and asking “What that owl doing? Why, Mommy? What his name? Why do that?” And on and on and on.

A good reminder that tv is an Epic Fail as a middle-of-the-night babysitter, too.


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Working mother of two living in Minnesota.
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